Lasik in Istanbul - The Trip

Practical Points for your lasik trip to Istanbul, Turkey

Please make an appointment first. 

For an appointment by phone please call +90 212 238 06 95, 

for an appointment by e-mail click here. contact

If you are using contact lenses please stop wearing them before the initial eye exam for at least 1 week for soft contact lenses, 3 weeks for gas permeable hard contact lenses .

You need to stay at least one night in Istanbul (to have the pre-op examination and the laser surgery on the same day, you need to be in Istanbul in the morning), preferably two nights or more. You don't need to stay at the hospital, you may stay at any hotel.


  • Single Room:  45,00 €

  • Double Room: 60,00 €

  • Add. Bed:        20,00 €



*The room, including breakfast, All taxes are included in these prices.


Please e-mail us your flight info so that we can welcome you from the airport and make your transfer to your hotel or to the clinic according to your schedule. 

Trip organization is our courtesy service (no additional fees). In special circumstances we keep the right to change your hotel.

Hotel staff can speak English and German. But don't worry EyeSTAR staff can also speak Dutch and French as additional languages.


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