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Our surgeons have the best academic and surgical training in cornea and laser treatment at the only eye center in Turkey dedicated exclusively to laser treatment. We hold the highest of international standards, and enjoy a superior reputation worldwide. At the Clinic, our mission is to provide you with an expert and personally tailored treatment which will exceed your expectations. Our goals are not designed around patient numbers but in satisfied patients. We meet our goals by providing high quality laser treatment to a limited number of patients under the best conditions.

Our team of doctors is dedicated to our company mission and work principles, and have worked as chief surgeons or have work and research experience with the world’s best laser surgeons. Our surgeons are truly exceptional in their field, with their extensive experience of thousands of cases of laser treatment.



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Ismail Gurkan Celikkol, M.D.


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Dr. Ismail Gurkan Celikkol was born in Edirne in 1965. Upon graduating from Galatasaray High School, he earned his degree at the Istanbul University Istanbul Medical School, and went on to complete his specialty at the Beyoglu Research Hospital.

Thereafter, Dr. Celikkol went to the United States, where he worked at Johns Hopkins University as a researcher in the biomedical department. After that, he went to University of California, San Diego, where he was involved as a researcher in numerous studies on the cornea and artificial intelligence systems. Dr. Celikkol returned to Turkey in 1999, after completing almost five years of research in many of the best laser centers in the world, upon which he established his Lasik Institute in Istanbul. Dr. Celikkol’s vision of creating a laser center in Turkey dedicated exclusively to laser treatment, utilizing the finest system and best technology in the world, and holding standards equivalent or even better than the centers in the U.S. and the world, was the idea behind the establishment of the Clinic. He founded the clinic in 1999, and as a leading provider of laser eye surgery in Turkey, the center has treated thousands of patients, mostly from abroad. This Institute is the only Turkish medical establishment where 90 percent of the patients come from abroad. Dr. Celikkol is reputed internationally as the founder and director of this institute and for numerous other accomplishments. Dr. Celikkol’s are of interest is artificial intelligence and he actively uses this technology to forecast corneal problems before LASIK surgery. Dr. Celikkol is a MENSA member, and chess is among one of his hobbies. He holds two chess championship titles of 7th in Europe and 2nd in Turkey. He has a nine-year-old daughter. Dr. Celikkol is fluent in English and French.


Our Surgeons

All of our surgeons are specialized in refractive surgery. They have thousands of LASIK and Advanced Surface Ablation cases experience. Since our mission at the clinic is to reveal each eye's full visual capacity, our surgeons are dedicated to optimal performance for the benefit of each patient. To realize this goal we never accept more than 10 patients per day in order to avoid any human and technical mistakes which naturally occur in clinics that don't limit the number of their patients. This clinic is a doctors-owned company and we never push our surgeons to do surgeries on high-risk patients. Their decisions are always based on what will benefit their patients. That is why our patient satisfaction level has no competition. You may trust any of our doctors since we back them at this clinic. We provide written warranties to our patients to cover them even in cases such as when a doctor leaves, retires, or company policies change. Furthermore our team of nurses and engineers has a wonderful synergy with our doctors, which makes our Institute an environment to enjoy for our patients. It is hard to believe but some of our patients prefer to stay in our office to be around us, instead of going sightseeing in one of the world's most beautiful cities: Istanbul. Our team will ensure that your trip is an enjoyable experience!


Op. Dr. Med Volkan Matben

Born in Izmir in 1968. Graduated from the Aegean School of Medicine in 1992. After becoming an ophthalmologist in 1996 Dr. Matben dedicated himself to refractive surgery and worked in one of the most intensively scheduled excimer laser clinics in Istanbul for 5 years. From 2002 to 2005 he worked as the chief surgeon of the excimer laser surgery department in a renown eye hospital in Istanbul. During his refractive surgery practice Dr. Matben has performed more than 7000 surgeries. He had the opportunity to work on three different excimer laser platforms, namely Bausch and Lomb’s Technolas, Carl Zeiss-Meditec’s MEL 80 and Wavelight’s Allegretto. He’s an active member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and International Society of Refractive Surgery. Dr.Matben is an ISRS Certified LASIK surgeon and is a certified INTACS and ICL surgeon.


Erhan Sarisin, MD

Dr. Sarisin was born in Istanbul in 1958. After graduating from Istanbul University Medical School, he completed his residency at the Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical School. In addition to being a chief surgeon for many years, Dr. Sarisin is renown for his excellent results in difficult and critical operations, and he is an accomplished doctor who has had experience in thousands of laser surgery cases. Dr. Sarisin’s notable work is recognized abroad, and he continues to work at the biggest government eye hospital in Turkey as a chief surgeon. Dr. Sarisin speaks English. He is married and has 3 children.


Sule Ergenekon, MD

She was born in 1968 at Trabzon, Turkey. She graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical School. She finished her ophthalmology residency at Haseki Hospital in Istanbul. She did her post residency studies at Orvos Tovabblebsze Egyetem Hospital in Budapest. She can speak Hungarian and English. She likes playing the guitar. She is married and a mother of two children.

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