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Founder of the clinic, Dr. Celikkol, had a vision of creating a laser center in Turkey dedicated exclusively to laser treatment, utilizing the finest system and best technology in the world, and holding standards equivalent or even better than the centers in the U.S. and the world. He dedicated 5 years to research in the best laser centers in the U.S. and abroad, and founded this clinic in 1999. As a leading provider of laser eye surgery in Turkey, the center has treated thousands of patients, mostly from abroad, making it the only Turkish medical establishment where 90 percent of patients come from abroad. See below why our patients come to Turkey to be treated by us.

Why choose us?

  • State-of-the-art technology: 

We treat our patients with the most advanced eye laser technology available. If a better laser is out, you can be sure we got it! This summer we became the 3rd clinic in the world to offer presbyopia patients treatment with the ACT Laser. Not too many other clinics are this committed to treating their patients with the best and newest available technology.

  • Our surgeons: 

Our surgeons are specialists in this field, with thousands of cases of experience in laser surgery, and reputed internationally for their academic and surgical skills. They consult, teach, and attend conferences throughout the world to stay at the forefront of our field.


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Our patients hear about all of the new developments in the industry straight from our surgeons.

  • Patient maximum: 

We are the only clinic in Turkey to limit our patient number to 10 per day, to provide you the highest quality of vision correction care, and to prevent human error and cross-contamination.

  • Clinic Guarantee: 

You will see at least 100% after your treatment and your vision will be fully covered for five years with our Guarantee which is the first and unique in the health services field.

  • LASIK is our middle name,

We are truly dedicated to the perfection of laser vision correction. In fact, we are the only eye clinic in Turkey dedicated exclusively to laser surgery.

  • All of our patients are VIPs. 

From organizing your trip from start to finish, to complimentary airport transfers, to playing your CD during the surgery, to the wireless internet service, DVD players, and Sony PlayStation, our patients know that they are VIPs from the moment they contact our clinic. How else are we different from most other clinics in Turkey and abroad? We do not accept any health insurance in order to protect our patients from the crowds.

  • Accessibility: 

We are located in the most central part of Istanbul, making us as accessible as possible to our patients. We offer convenient appointment times. We can arrange your whole trip so you don't need to worry about anything during your stay in Istanbul.

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