Lasik in Istanbul - The Cost

Lasik Cost and Advantages

In the emerging LASIK market, there is a direct relationship between quality and price. In many instances, the more you pay the better quality care and service you get. LASIK is a professional service with variable quality. Contrary to some advertising, it is not a product with consistency from one place to another. Top surgeons have professional fees consummate with their expertise. Often, less-skilled doctors charge less in order to attract more patients. With some practices, a lower price for LASIK operation comes at the expense of patient care or surgical experience. In other words, you get what you pay for.

“Bargain basement” fees on LASIK treatment sometimes do not include medications, temporary prescription glasses, postoperative care after 3 months, enhancement procedures, the option to have one-eye done at a time, and so on. Many of the discount centers work like assembly lines where patient-doctor relationships are minimal. Often, discount centers do not allow you to choose your surgeon or the doctor that performs your pre- and post-operative care. For most people, refractive surgery isn’t the most appropriate place to try getting a “good deal”. You can throw away and replace bad glasses or contact lenses, but you can’t do that with bad refractive surgery. Look for quality, service, and commitment.

Current LASIK Fee

To find out the cost of our international Lasik operation package please send us an e-mail or call our office at +90-212-238-06 95. 


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There is no hidden fee inside this package. 


Your visits to the doctor , tests, follow-up exams for 5 years and enhancement procedures, if required, are included in this price.


Also your transfers and hotel reservation are free with this package. We accept cash as the method of payment.


Please be aware: don't compare our whole service with anyone in Turkey. First, we are the only place in Turkey and one of the few centers in Europe who helps their patients with an international cornea and refractive surgery specialist.

Second, we don't do mass surgeries: we give personalized care to our patients. Other centers are proud of the number of their patients, we are proud of our results (low complication rate, high vision quality and level) and happiness of our patients.

We listen to our patients; we are sensible and responsive to our patients' special needs and requests. We really want them to leave happy. 

Our patients who have contacted us via Internet sometimes feel doubt and anxiety before meeting us. They come to a developing country and they trust their eyes to people they never met before. But the moment we introduce ourselves they feel comfort and at ease.

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