Lasik in Istanbul

We are, as Discover Travel, the offical Travel Acency of the only eye clinic dedicated exclusively to laser vision correction in Istanbul, Turkey. We are a leading provider of quality LASIK treatment in Istanbul, and take pride in offering state-of-the-art LASIK treatment and other refractive procedures to patients from around the world.


Imagine, starting tomorrow, you wake up and see everything crystal clear with your own eyes, day and night...


With the most advanced eye laser technology and our dedicated refractive surgery, clear vision doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. Whether you come to Istanbul for our treatment or another reason, once you step outside our clinic, you will realize that it was one of the most worthwhile times of your life. You will see at least 100% after your treatment and your vision will be fully covered for five years with our Clinic Guarantee, first and unique in the health services field. With your new vision fully covered, all you'll have to do is to enjoy Istanbul and your new life with clear vision!

If you think you can get the same treatment in your native country or from another center in Turkey, think again. Our Clinic is a VIP eye laser center providing the highest quality of vision correction care limited to only ten patients a day. Your treatment will be personalized according to your needs, so you don’t have to worry about microkeratome types, laser brands, treatment modalities etc. since we put our Clinic Guarantee to the result of your treatment.


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As an international laser center, we aim to meet and exceed your expectations of the highest quality treatment, best and newest technology, and top hygienic standards. We have the experience and expertise you can count on to make everything from that first initial contact through the laser surgery and follow up visits a positive one. We pride ourselves on quality surgical outcomes and exceptional visual results. Click here to see why 90 percent of our patients come to from abroad to be treated by us.

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