Discover Travel's Mission is to design and supply Travel related services to individual clients as well as cooperations. The main aim is to provide highly reliable services and benefits to the clients in such a way that exceeds their expectations and which provides value and growth opportunities for our customers, communities, employees and the shareholders We aim to reach our mission via creating value (win-win) to our customers, shareholders and suppliers.


We feel obliged to differentiate our services, by being customized to individual basis and improving our quality continuesly. We supply, train and retain our staff, evaluate our performance by guest satisfaction analysis and use the most up to date technology to do so. We are and will take part in the sustainable development of Tourism industry in Turkey, without harming environment and local culture. 

In order to achieve these goals, we have committed ourselves to the following: 

  • Remaining consistently oriented to the needs of our clients, suppliers and business partners

  • Developing, producing and marketing top quality services with superior benefits

  • Focusing on our core competencies, such as offering the quality at a reasonable price.

  • Regarding the dedication, motivation and qualifications of our employees as a key factor in the company's continued success

  • Concentrating on innovative products and services to best satisfy our clients and send them back home with good memories.

  • Boosting corporate value and increasing profit margins in order to guarantee the company's long-term independence

Our Objectives; 

  • We offer the best rates possible and more important value for money.

  • Speed of Service; We have a pro-active management attitude, you will not only hear from us in 24 hours but also hear many suggestions and proposals on the way in developing your product.

  • We are mobile; We effectively adapt and change your orders according to shifts in your needs and in the market.

  • We plan, control and report, you will feel and know everything about the local operations, including the objective guest satisfaction questionnaires with statistics and future predictions.

  • Experienced and reliable service; the double check points we have specified within the organizational structure is designed to prevent any problems that may occur and if there happens to be one eliminate the drawbacks as much as possible and offer customized solutions.

And finally what differentiates us from our competition is that we exceed your predictions by exceeding the end customer expectations.