Kekova & Demre & St. Nicholas Church Yatch Tour - Full Day Tour

KEKOVA; An hour from Dalyanagzi by sea, especialy enjoyable for the yatch-men, is the islands of Kekova (home of the sun, Kekova also the name of pictures que islands, numereus bays and ancient cities. Along the northern shore of Kekova Island, sturactural movements of the land over the years have caused some of the ancient houses to be totaly submerged while remains of the others are scattered along the shore. A, fascinating Lycian Necropolis chesttype tombs spread out along the coastline lies at Themiussa near the present day.Ucagiz is the main land cross.

ST. NICOLAS CHURCH; Best known as the patron saint of children, who was born at Patara around AD. 300 and bishop of Myra where he deid. The miracles he performed in lifetime and stories that surrounded him have identifed today in the west with Father Christmas.

MYRA; Some of the finest examples of Lycian funerary architecture are to be found at Myra, near the expanding present day town of Demre.The site, about at mile from the town includes a vast Roman Theatre in good repair and built against a cliff face that also houses too impressive sets of Lycian tombs.Many of the tombs have long cabin features carved in to the rocks,presumably reflecting the domestic architecture of the perio. Carvings above are mosily in poor repair but the overall effect to this jumble ohf the architecture of death is dramatic.



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